Juicy Jay's

Juicy | Terp Enhanced Wraps | Cherry Pie


Experience the ultimate smoking experience with Juicy Jay's Terp Enhanced Hemp Wraps. With a unique triple-dip® flavor system, these hemp wraps provide intense flavor and a powerful aroma that is sure to elevate your smoking session. Packed with flavor and enhanced by the addition of terpenes, these wraps burn, taste, roll and feel just like premium tobacco wrappers but without any of the undesirable additives. Get more out of your smoking session with Juicy Jay's Terp Enhanced Hemp Wraps – available in Cherry Pie Flavor! Each box contains 25 packs with two wraps per pack. Enjoy an even more enjoyable smoking experience with Juicy Jay’s Terra Enhanced Hemp Wraps today!

  • Dimensions: 110mm x 54mm
  • 2 Wraps/Pack